PPL(H) Distance Learning Courses

PPL Helicopter Distance Learning Course

Choose this option to purchase the PPL(H) Distance Learning material to study the following subjects:

  • Meteorology
  • Flight Rules and Air Law
  • Navigation
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Aerodynamics
  • Operations, Performance and Planning
  • Human Factors

Please Note:

To complete the PPL(H) study and CASA PEXO Exam, you will need the following items which are all included in our complete Distance Learning Package –

Meteorology Distance Learning course:

  • AIP Book
  • PCA Chart
  • Sydney WAC Chart

Navigation Distance Learning course:

  • CASR Part 91 MOS
  • PCA
  • ERC Low 1/2 and 3/4
  • Hobart/Launceston VTC
  • Brisbane-Sunshine Coast/Gold Coast VTC
  • Sydney WAC
  • JE6B Flight Computer
  • Navigation Protractor
  • Scale Ruler 180nm
  • AIP Book
  • ERSA Complete
  • Melbourne WAC Chart
  • Brisbane WAC Chart
  • Port Augusta WAC Chart
  • Adelaide/Melbourne VTC
  • Water Soluble Pen

    Flight Rules and Air Law Distance Learning course:

    • CAR 1988
    • CASR Part 61
    • CASR Part 91
    • CASR Part 91 MOS
    • CASR Part 133
    • CASR Part 133 MOS
    • CAO 48.1 Instrument 2019
    • AIP Book
    • ERSA Complete
    • PCA
    • ERC Low 1/2 and 3/4
    • Hobart/Launceston VTC
    • Brisbane-Sunshine Coast/Gold Coast VTC

      Operations, Performance and Planning Distance Learning course:

      • Bell 206L-1 Long Ranger II Performance and Operations Handbook
      • Part 91 MOS
      • CASR 133
      • CASR 113 MOS
      • Advisory Circular 91-29
      • Navigation Equipment – Flight Computer
      • AIP Book
      • ERSA Complete

      Price includes postage within Australia. Postage charges to all other countries will apply.

      The purchase of this Distance Learning Course entitles you to a free 12 month course note amendment service. Amendments are sent on request only. After 12 months, printing and postage fees will apply to any amendments or upgrades you require.

      Direct Internet Access to 8 PPL Practice CyberExams is included with our Distance Learning Course. On completion of the exam, a full KDR with CASA Syllabus reference is displayed on screen and a copy of the KDR is emailed to you.

      View our Practice CyberExam demo by clicking here: https://aftcex.com.au/cyberexams

      Worked solutions, course support, and access to our Random Question Generator is also included.

      Advanced Flight Theory’s Full-Time and Distance Learning students enjoy unlimited access to a wide range of our very unique and specialised Random Question Generators (RQG’s). Each RQG creates a brand new, never seen before question covering an important calculation required to pass the subject’s CASA PEXO exam. After completing the calculation, you submit your answer and have the full workings presented so you can carefully check every part of your work.

      View our RQG demo by clicking here: http://aftcex.com.au/rqg/index.htm

      There are millions of different question data combinations, so you never do the same calculation twice. With unlimited practice on new questions, you will become fully prepared for any calculation on the topic that CASA presents to you!

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