CASA PEXO Exam System

CASA PEXO Exam System

There is a considerable amount of information regarding the CASA PEXO Exam system available on the CASA Website.

For a general overview of the CASA Exam System and general licencing information go to the CASA Exams page.

For more in depth information regarding the Exam system, Exam delivery, processes and standards visit the CASA exam policies, processes and participants page.

Or visit the CASA PEXO Exams page for information on the PEXO exams.

When and How to Apply for a CASA PEXO Exam

IMPORTANT NOTE: CASA and ASPEQ PEXO Exam fees are NOT included in our course fees for Full Time Ground School or Distance Learning Courses.

If you are attending our Full Time Ground School Course, we have pre-booked CASA PEXO Exam sessions for our students at the end of each subject at the Mudjimba ASL Exam venue (with the exception of ATPL Aeroplane Flight Planning). You can find these dates listed on our Course Schedule.  If requested, we can book your exam in one of these sessions for you on your first day in class and charge the exams fees to your account. Our pre booked sessions mean you do not need to book your own CASA PEXO Exams for subjects you do in class with us if you decide to sit the exam while you are here with us.

You must book your own CASA PEXO Exams at your preferred Exam Centre for any Distance Learning subjects you study.

All CASA Flight Crew Examinations are booked through ASPEQ.

Before booking any CASA PEXO Exam, candidates need to be sure of their eligibility and timing before making a booking. You must ensure you fully understand Candidate Responsibilities and you have the required Pre-requisite Qualifications before you book an exam.

ASL have a strict policy on refunds and transfers to other sitting dates. When booking exams, candidates should be aware of CASA’s Re-training Periods. ASL recommend that you do not book for more than three exams at a time to ensure there are no transfer fees or that exam fees are not forfeited.