Distance Learning

CPL(H) Distance Learning Course

There is no doubt that a full-time ground school course is the best way to complete your CPL study. For some pilots, finding the time to do this is virtually impossible, so the only alternative is to complete the CPL study via a Distance Learning Course.

Advanced Flight Theory’s Distance Learning Course is the perfect option for pilots who cannot attend our Full-Time Ground School.

Following many requests from pilots for CPL(H) theory by self study, AFT is pleased to offer this option. Distance Learning study is a challenge and success requires personal discipline, motivation and dedication on your part and comprehensive backup and constant support on our part.

Our Free Call phone/fax help line and email support via the internet, ensures you are never left on your own when there is something you don’t fully understand or need to discuss. Please Click Here for details on course support.

The Distance Learning Course fee includes all course note amendments and updates at no charge for 12 months.

Amendments and updates are still available to you after 12 months has passed for a small printing and postage fee. You continue to receive full course support until you gain your exam qualification, regardlesss of how long it may take.

Because all the notes you are provided with have been specially written by AFT, should you decide to change from Distance Learning Course and attend a Full-Time Ground School Course, you can be guaranteed a seamless changeover.

On completion of each subject module you can attempt Advanced Flight Theory’s Practice CyberExams before attempting the actual CASA PEXO Exams. Please see below for more details and a demonstration of our very comprehensive Practice CyberExam system.

Our fees include all course notes, revision tests, Practice CyberExams and answer sheets. There is no requirement to purchase any other textbooks as all relevant references and manuals are included. You will need to provide your own set of Airservices Publications (CAR, CAO, AIP and ERSA).

This package can be forwarded free to you anywhere in Australia. We are happy to post the package overseas, however due to the considerable expense of airmail and essential insurance, we must charge an overseas postage fee. We will contact you prior to dispatch to quote overseas postage charges.

Course Outline

Attempting the entire CPL(H) theory syllabus by Distance Learning requires great devotion and study discipline. You can study the seven subjects in any order that suits your available study time. For an indication of the time required to complete each subject, please consider the course outline information for our Full Time Ground School, where you study all day with an instructor to guide you all the way.

While you can contact our CPL Course Instructor anytime for course support if you have questions during your study, you would be very wise to allow additional study time if you are attempting the entire syllabus with only the Distance Learning reference material in front of you.

Important Things To Do

Getting an Aviation Reference Number (ARN)

Before you attempt our course you should apply for a CASA Aviation Reference Number known as an ARN. This number will identify you right through your entire aviation career..

You will require an ARN before you can sit any of the CASA PEXO Exams.

If you haven’t previously had an ARN issued, you will receive one as part of the process of undergoing your first Aviation Medical Examination.

Getting an Aviation Medical Examination

Before you get started on any of the training required to gain your CPL(H) we would strongly recommend you undergo a full Aviation Medical Examination. Investing in a medical before you start training is a very wise thing to do.

If you don’t know anything about medicals you can read about Medical Certificate Requirements before you look for your closest Designated Aviation Medical Examiner or DAME.

While an average student pilot should have no trouble passing a medical, there have been student pilots in the past who found they had previously undiscovered medical conditions or problems that needed to be fixed before they were allowed to fly. It is much better to find out if you have a problem before you start training, rather than after you have started spending your money on trying to get a pilot licence.

Airservices Supply Shop

Advanced Flight Theory operates an Airservices Supply Shop and can provide the complete range of CASA documents, maps and charts. Flight computers, protractors, WAC rulers and a full range of basic stationery items are also available. Supplies can be purchased by phone or internet order and dispatched to you at any time.

Contact Brett Adamson for further details or to place an order.

Practice Cyberexams

All of Advanced Flight Theory’s professional theory courses contain our Practice CyberExams for each subject, including a personalised username and password with eight Marking Credits per subject.

While our Practice CyberExams do not contain actual CASA exam questions, they are designed to ensure you become familiar with the style and workload involved in the actual CASA PEXO Exams and help you become familiar with the layout and format of the exams. The sole purpose of our Practice CyberExam system is to help you determine if you are fully prepared to attempt the actual CASA PEXO Exams for each subject.

Our Practice CyberExams have proven to be very popular with our students. Since our system was first created, we have had over 5000 different aeroplane and helicopter pilots attempt our exams and approximately 20,000 Practice CyberExams are sat via our system every year.

Please click here for a demonstration of our system.

CPL(H) Course Fees

Distance Learning Course Only

Self Study for the subjects Meteorology, Flight Rules and Air Law, Navigation, Aircraft General Knowledge, Aerodynamics, Operations, Performance and Planning and Human Factors.

Fee: *$2850.00

*GST Free

Upgrade Option – If you change you mind and decide you would like to attend classes, you can upgrade to our Full-Time Ground School Course for the subjects Meteorology, Flight Rules and Air Law, Navigation, Aircraft General Knowledge, Aerodynamics and Operations, Performance and Planning for an additional *$2995.00. You must bring your Distance Learning course notes to class with you, as these are not re-printed as part of the upgrade option.

*GST Free

Individual Subject Prices

Distance Learning Course Full-Time Ground School Upgrade From DLC to FTGS**
Meteorology *$360.00 *$800.00 *$470.00
Navigation *$715.00 *$1100.00 *$600.00
Flight Rules and Air Law *$530.00 *$925.00 *$565.00
Aerodynamics *$310.00 *$680.00 *$400.00
Aircraft General Knowledge *$310.00 *$575.00 *$295.00
Operations, Performance and Planning *$645.00 *$1180.00 *$575.00
Human Factors *$160.00 *$550.00 *$420.00


**When upgrading from Distance Learning to Full-Time Ground School Course, you must bring your Distance Learning course notes to class with you, as these are not re-printed as part of the upgrade option.

*GST Free

Please Click Here for our Course Schedule.

When And How To Apply For A Casa Pexo Exam

IMPORTANT NOTE: CASA and ASPEQ PEXO Exam fees are NOT included in our course fees for Full Time Ground School or Distance Learning Courses. If you are attending our Full Time Ground School Classes we have pre-booked CASA PEXO Exam sessions for our students at the end of each subject. If requested, we can book your exam in one of these sessions for you on your first day in class and charge the exams fees to your account. Our pre booked sessions mean you do not need to book your own CASA PEXO Exams for subjects you do in class with us. You must book your own CASA PEXO Exams for any Distance Learning subjects you study.

All CASA Flight Crew Examinations are booked through ASPEQ.

CASA PEXO Exams used as credits towards CASA flight crew licences can only be sat in Australia.

Before booking any CASA PEXO Exams candidates need to be sure of their eligibility and timing before making a booking.

You must ensure you fully understand Candidate Responsibilities and you have the required Pre-requisite Qualifications before you book an exam.

ASPEQ have a strict policy on refunds and transfers to other sitting dates.

When booking exams candidates should be aware of the retraining periods required after exam failures and make allowances for this. ASPEQ recommend that you do not book for more than three exams at a time to ensure there are no transfer fees or that exam fees are not forfeited.

How To Enrol

If you would like to enrol in our CPL(H) Distance Learning Course by using our secure “online” enrolment service, where you can order or enrol online and pay by credit card please Click Here.


Contact Us directly and we can answer all of your questions and take your details over the phone.

Our Guarantee To You

If you upgrade from Distance Learning to Full Time Ground School and after attending our full time course, you are not totally prepared to sit the CASA CyberExaminations, or you are having difficulty with any aspect of the course, you are welcome to return and resit all or any part of the course you have paid for once, with no additional course fee. If necessary, you may also resit all or any part of the course more than once, subject to some simple conditions.

We guarantee to stick with you until you achieve your goal.