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CPL(H) Theory With Advanced Flight Theory

For those with real determination and ambition, flying provides one of the most exciting and rewarding careers possible.

Now that you have made the decision to become a helicopter pilot, it is essential you obtain the best possible information regarding your future training and career options, as the path to success can be quite long and hard if you don’t plan ahead. The first step in achieving your ambition is to study for your Commercial Helicopter Theory Examination.

Advanced Flight Theory specialises in theory training. We are well established as the only totally independent theory school in Australia providing high quality theory courses from Private Pilot level to Commercial Pilot and Air Transport Pilot standard.

Get the very best start to your aviation career…

  • Instruction by experienced Theory Instructors who are Commercial Pilots
  • Full Time Ground School
  • Distance Learning Courses
  • First Class Airconditioned Venue
  • Excellent Study Facilities
  • Accommodation Available
  • Comprehensive Course Material
  • Revision Tests
  • Practice CyberExams
  • Personalised Service
  • CPL Course is GST Free

Unfortunately, not enough people realise the importance of good quality theory training, and the effect it has on your flight training and future career, until it is far too late! We also specialise in providing independent career advice, and ongoing support to you throughout your entire career. We guarantee to help you make that first step into the aviation industry with confidence, knowing you have been fully informed and are very well prepared.

As specialist theory instructors, we are well aware of the dedication required by students to study the CASA CPL(H) Theory Syllabus, then successfully attempt the CASA CPL(H) multi-choice theory examination. Many of our students haven’t been in study mode for a long time and most of the subjects covered in class will be completely new to you. We are well aware of this, so all of the concepts are presented to you in an easy to understand format, with patient dedicated instruction.

We have two different study methods available to you. If possible, we highly recommend you attend our Full-Time Ground School Course. Time is a very limited resource for everyone, as you can’t afford to be away from work or home for any longer than necessary. The Full-Time Commercial Pilot theory course being offered is as comprehensive in content, but as short in duration as possible. You will find the course to be both interesting and very informative.

The second method of study is via our Distance Learning Course. We have a very detailed self study package available for students who aren’t able to make it to class. This option involves a lot of effort on your behalf and can take a few months to complete. Some students who have time available to study prior to attending our full-time course, purchase the Distance Learning Course and go over the material before coming to class. Other students purchase the Distance Learning Course and use it as an introduction to the helicopter industry – a way of finding out what is involved with becoming a pilot. We give a generous discount voucher for pilots who purchase the Distance Learning Course and later decide to attend out Full-Time Ground School Theory Course.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is responsible for conducting theory examinations for student pilots. CASA has implemented an examination system called PEXO. This new system involves conducting exams, subject by subject, via the internet with students answering questions presented on a computer screen. At the end of the PEXO Examination, your answers are marked instantly.

Our Commercial Helicopter Full-time courses run for 11 weeks in duration. During this time we cover the seven Commercial Helicopter subjects.

We are often asked if you should do any flying training prior to ground school study. There is no reason why you can’t undertake flying training prior to ground study, however it is important that you don’t get to involved in flying training before completing your ground theory. The obvious advantage of doing your theory course before you complete too much of your flying, is the fact you are much better prepared for each of your training sequences in the air, and you will have a greater overall understanding of essential flying procedures. This ensures you receive the maximum value and benefit from every dollar you spend in the air. While some of our students have completed over 20 hours flying training prior to commencing our course, the majority only have between 1 and 10 hours experience.

Our course will fully prepare you for the CASA CPL(H) theory examinations, and will also be a valuable introduction to many aspects of the helicopter industry. Not only will you be studying with our professional theory instructors, you will also have the benefit of discussing flight training options and the various flying schools with our staff and other students on your course. If you haven’t already decided where to do your flying training, there is no doubt this experience will place you in the best possible position to select the flying school that meets your personal requirements. We can even introduce you to the flying schools and many of the helicopter operators.

The most important thing during the early stages of your helicopter career is to keep in touch with reality. Like many things in life, it’s so easy to get carried away with making the dream come true, that you override your own basic common sense and sometimes accept offers that you would normally consider too good to be true. Do your research carefully and don’t rush into making training decisions.

There are many very good helicopter training schools available to you, so make sure you select the one that best suits your training needs and is in a good position to assist you with those important first hours of flying experience after you have obtained your licence. With the right attitude, a common sense approach and lots of hard work, a career as a helicopter pilot is something you can achieve.

Our Guarantee To You

Advanced Flight Theory is a totally independent theory school.

We DO NOT receive any form of commission or kickback from any helicopter flying schools for promoting their operation. Our advice to you is honest and truly independent – we pride ourselves on our ability to help you make the best possible decision regarding your training. For detailed information on all of Australia’s respectable and professional helicopter flying schools please visit our Helicopter Flying School Directory.

Regardless of your choice of flying school or career path, we guarantee you will receive:

  • Professional helicopter theory instruction
  • Courteous and efficient personal service and ongoing support
  • Comprehensive career and training advice
  • Excellent value now, and for all of your future theory requirements

Your Training Is Our Priority

Please feel free to contact us at anytime if you would like to discuss our course format in more detail. We continue to make every effort to ensure our course is the most practical and comprehensive available to you.

We appreciate your comments and input.

Warren McIvor and Nathan Higgins – CPL Helicopter Course Writers

Advanced Flight Theory has the most professional helicopter theory instructors available anywhere in Australia. We are totally committed to providing the very best tuition, service and ongoing training.

Warren McIvor and Nathan Higgins have been conducting full-time theory courses for over 20 years, and are well established as Australia’s most successful Commercial (CPL) and Air Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) Helicopter and Aeroplane course instructors.

They have 45 years combined experience teaching CPL and ATPL courses to 5000 pilots from around the world. That is a record no-one else can even come close to matching. At Advanced Flight Theory we are proud of our reputation for providing the very best ongoing service and facilities possible to all of our students.

Warren holds a Commercial Helicopter Licence and Commercial Aeroplane Licence with Instructor and Night Ratings. His speciality is helicopter theory at all levels from Private and Commercial to ATPL. The ATPL qualification is the highest level of helicopter licence available, and is essential for the highly skilled pilots flying heavy, multi-engine helicopters in offshore oil-rig support missions and heavy lifting operations in the highlands of PNG. Most of our Commercial Helicopter students return to study their ATPL theory with Warren as their careers progress.

Nathan is a fully qualified teacher and holds a Commercial Aeroplane Licence with Instructor and Night Ratings, along with a Student Helicopter Licence. Nathan has spent many years teaching helicopter and aeroplane theory, specialising in ATPL level courses. His past students can be found flying in countries all around the world and many of them keep in touch constantly. Nathan is also a qualified Ultra Light aircraft instructor, so his backgound covers every type of flying from the smallest and most basic, to the largest and most modern aircraft in the world.

Between them, Warren and Nathan have developed comprehensive and easy to understand aviation courses covering every aspect of the aviation industry.

Make sure you benefit from their expertise by attending Advanced Flight Theory’s Commercial Helicopter Theory Course!

Airservices Supply Shop

Advanced Flight Theory operates an Airservices Supply Shop and can provide the complete range of CASA documents, maps and charts. Flight computers, protractors,  WAC rulers and a full range of basic stationery items are also available. Supplies can be purchased on arrival, or by phone or internet order and dispatched to you at any time.

Contact Brett Adamson for further details or to place an order.

Excellent Service

At Advanced Flight Theory, we are very proud of our great reputation for providing the very best service possible to all of our students. Please feel free to contact our CPL(H) Course Co-ordinators Vanessa Adamson, Brett Adamson and Kate Till if you have any special requirements or need to organise a personalised study program. We can also provide assistance with your accommodation and administrative arrangements. You can contact them on 1800 000 767 and they will be very happy to assist.

You can be assured that no problem is too big or too small for them to handle with expertise.

Casa Pexo Exam Information

There is a considerable amount of information regarding the CASA PEXO Exam system available on the CASA Website. The first information to read is CASA Exams for a general introduction to the system. You can also read CASA exam policies, processes and participants and find out more about CASA PEXO Exams.

7 Subject CPL Examinations

Commercial Helicopter PEXO Exams are made up of seven separate examinations. These are:

  • Operations, Performance and Planning
  • Navigation
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Aerodynamics
  • Human Factors
  • Meteorology
  • Filght Rules and Air Law

Individual Subject Credits

All CPL(H) exams are individual examinations. Candidates may choose to sit any number of papers at any particular sitting and be credited with a pass in each examination separately. When all subjects have been passed, a candidate is awarded a pass in the CPL(H) examination.

Perpetual Validity Period

The CPL(H) credit once issued, will remain valid indefinitely. This may be reviewed at a later date.

Pass Mark Required

The pass mark for each examination is 70%, except for the Flight Rules and Air Law where the pass mark is 80%.

Examination Venues

CPL(H) PEXO Exams can be sat at the following venues-
Adelaide (Parafield), Alice Springs, Brisbane (Archerfield), Ballarat, Barcaldine, Broome, Cairns, Canberra, Cessnock, Coffs Harbour, Darwin, Hobart, Kalgoorlie, Karratha, Kununurra, Launceston, Mackay, Mangalore, Maroochydore, Melbourne (Highett), Merredin, Mildura, Mt Isa, Nhulunbuy, Perth, Rockhampton, Sydney (Bankstown), Tamworth, Townsville, Wagga Wagga and Yulara.

Exam Fees

ASPEQ has a contract for the nationwide delivery of Flight Crew licensing examinations for the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). ASPEQ is responsible for the booking and delivery of the examinations through a network of examination sites, while CASA is responsible for the provisions of the examinations through their PEXO Exam System.

The fees for the examination service is split into two parts –

  • CASA Examination Fee
  • ASPEQ Examination Delivery Fee

Casa/Aspeq Pexo Exam Delivery Fees

The CASA examination fees are for the PEXO Exam service provided by CASA via their web-based delivery system. The ASPEQ exam delivery fees are charged for each examination subject required. The fee structure is based around the length of the examination subject as this determines the amount of computer time used to deliver the subject. The fees are shown in the table below.

Subject Exam Code ASL Delivery Fee CASA Delivery Fee Exam Time
Operations, Performance and Planning CFPH *$121.00 $65.00 2.5 hours
Aircraft General Knowledge CSYH *$96.80 $65.00 1.5 hours
Aerodynamics CADH *$96.80 $65.00 1.5 hours
Navigation CNAV *$108.90 $65.00 1.45 hours
Human Factors CHUF *$96.80 $65.00 1.25 hours
Meteorology CMET *$96.80 $65.00 1.5 hours
Flight Rules and Air Law CLWH *$108.90 $65.00 2 hours

*IMPORTANT NOTE: All CASA/ASPEQ exam delivery fees are subject to change without notice.

When And How To Apply For A Casa Pexo Exam

IMPORTANT NOTE: CASA and ASPEQ PEXO Exam fees are NOT included in our course fees for Full Time Ground School or Distance Learning Courses. If you are attending our Full Time Ground School Classes we have pre-booked CASA PEXO Exam sessions for our students at the end of each subject. If requested, we can book your exam in one of these sessions for you on your first day in class and charge the exams fees to your account. Our pre booked sessions mean you do not need to book your own CASA PEXO Exams for subjects you do in class with us. You must book your own CASA PEXO Exams for any Distance Learning subjects you study.

All CASA Flight Crew Examinations are booked through ASPEQ.

CASA PEXO Exams used as credits towards CASA flight crew licences can only be sat in Australia.

Before booking any CASA PEXO Exams candidates need to be sure of their eligibility and timing before making a booking.

You must ensure you fully understand Candidate Responsibilities and you have the required Pre-requisite Qualifications before you book an exam.

ASPEQ have a strict policy on refunds and transfers to other sitting dates.

When booking exams candidates should be aware of the retraining periods required after exam failures and make allowances for this. ASPEQ recommend that you do not book for more than three exams at a time to ensure there are no transfer fees or that exam fees are not forfeited.

Make The Right Decision

You will never regret getting the best possible training!

Attending a professional theory course now will benefit you for many years to come. Remember, there is far more than just an examination at stake. Flying a helicopter is a demanding occupation. Through all of your flight training and the rest of your aviation career, the things you learn in theory school will be put into practice daily, so one day if the going gets really tough you will know exactly what to do!

Receive the maximum value from your flying training.

Completing your Helicopter Theory Course before you get fully involved in your flying training ensures you receive the maximum benefit from every hour spent in the air!

Please feel free to Contact Us at any time if you have any questions or you would like additional information.