Full Time Ground School


CPL Helicopter Full Time Ground School

Our CPL(H) Theory Course has been carefully written by very experienced instructors to ensure you receive the most practical, thorough and interesting tuition possible preparing you to sit the CASA Examinations.

Course Outline

Our course is very intensive, however we have done everything possible to ensure adequate time is given to fully cover each of the parts in the CASA PEXO Exams. We have found that our short course format with our constant revision sessions, leads to better information retention, especially on exam day.

Aerodynamics (CADH) – 6 Days in Class

Study Material Included:

  • AFT Helicopter Aerodynamics Notes
  • AFT Aerodynamics Revision Tests and Answers
  • Principles of Helicopter Flight (Wagtendonk) Textbook
  • Colour Helicopter Safety Card
  • AFT CADH Practice CyberExams with 8 Standard Marking Credits

It is time to learn how and why the helicopter fly’s. If you want to be able to achieve the maximum performance and safety from your helicopter once you are out of the classroom and finally become airborne, then an understanding of helicopter ‘Principles of Flight’ is essential. This is a subject that you should find very interesting, as your chosen future career is flying helicopters. In fact you will be amazed a helicopter fly’s at all when you look at how many forces are being kept in a fine balance while you are in flight.

Aircraft General Knowledge (CSYH) – 5 Days in Class

Study Material Included:

  • AFT Aircraft General Knowledge Notes
  • Bob Tait Aircraft General Knowledge Notes
  • AFT Aircraft General Knowledge Revision Tests
  • Bob Tait Revision Tests and Answers
  • AFT CSYH Practice CyberExams with 8 Standard Marking Credits

During Aircraft General Knowledge you will learn about basic piston engine operating principles, fuel systems, oil and engine cooling systems, followed by a good look at helicopter transmissions and rotor systems.

You will also learn how helicopter electrical systems and starting systems work and how fire detecting and extinguishing systems operate. Once you understand the mechanics of a helicopter you will then be shown how the various engine and flight instruments in a helicopter have been designed and how to interpret the information they display.

Flight Rules and Air Law (CLWH) – 8 Days in Class 

Study Material Included:

  • AFT Flight Rules and Air Law Notes
  • AFT Flight and Duty Information Sheet
  • AFT Flight Rules and Air Law Revision Tests and Answers
  • CASA Plain English Guide
  • AFT’s CLWH Document Package
  • AFT CLWH Practice CyberExams with 8 Standard Marking Credits

It is essential that you have a very good knowledge of the sometimes complex rules that need to be followed to ensure the safe conduct of a flight. You will also learn about the privileges and limitations that apply to your Helicopter Licence, the requirements to obtain mustering, agricultural and sling ratings and the rules that apply to conducting charter operations. Radio procedures and basic rules of the air that allow aircraft to share airspace without risk of collision are an important part of this subject.

Human Factors (CHUF) – 5 Days in Class

Study Material Included:

  • Human Performance and Limitations Textbook – Bob Tait
  • CASA Threat and Error Management Material
  • AFT CHUF Practice CyberExams with 8 Standard Marking Credits

The course is centered around the text “Human Performance and Limitations” written by respected aviation author and theory instructor, Bob Tait. This is an excellent text book, written in a very easy to read and interesting style. The text covers the entire CASA Human Factors syllabus, including topics such as Threat and Error Management, Aviation Medicine, Physiology, Anatomy and Psychology.

Meteorology (CMET) – 7 Days in Class 

Study Material Included:

  • AFT Meteorology Notes
  • AFT Meteorology Revision Tests and Answers
  • Bob Tait Meteorology Revision Tests and Answers
  • AFT Meteorology Made Easy Guide
  • Bureau of Meteorology – Manual of Meteorology Textbook
  • AFT CMET Practice CyberExams with 8 Standard Marking Credits

Meteorology is one of the most important topics covered, as every flight you undertake will be somehow influenced by the weather conditions experienced. The composition of the atmosphere, formation of clouds, understanding of synoptic charts and weather patterns and the effect of air temperature and air pressure on your helicopter’s performance are all discussed in detail. You will also learn to read aviation weather forecasts, which appear at first to be written in a foreign language, but with a bit of practice it will all become quite easy. Our many years of flying experience allow us to show you the practical application of all you have learnt.

Navigation (CNAV) – 8 Days in Class

Study Material Included:

  • AFT Navigation Notes
  • AFT Navigation Revision Tests and Answers
  • AFT Navigation Formulae Check List
  • Flight Planning Forms and Flight Notes
  • AFT CNAV Practice CyberExams with 8 Premium Marking Credits

Once weather forecasts can be read, we can start to plan flights all around the country, which brings us to the point where we need to be able to navigate. We then commence studying the Navigation syllabus. You will learn how maps are made and with a little bit of practice you will be able to read all of the fine detail and information available to you on a map. You will also learn how to do basic navigation calculations on your slide navigation computer. The ability to navigate accurately is a skill that will always be of great benefit to a pilot. Unfortunately too many pilots don’t spend enough time learning the basics, and are never really able to take full advantage of the navigation flying training that comes later.

You will become more proficient in using your flight navigation computer to calculate your expected ground speed, heading and fuel consumption during a flight, and are then shown how to plot positions on aeronautical charts.

Eventually you will be able to plan a complete flight. The procedures used when you are actually flying are discussed next, and you will even learn the various methods to apply if you are unfortunate enough to get lost out there!

Our students always seem to enjoy learning about navigation, as it is a very practical “hands on” subject. The exercises you do in class will be excellent preparation for not just the theory examination, but for your flight training as well.

Operations, Performance and Planning (CFPH) – 9 Days in Class

Study Material Included:

  • AFT Operations, Performance and Planning Notes
  • AFT Operations, Performance and Planning Revision Tests and Answers
  • Rotorcraft Flying Handbook
  • CASA Bell 206L-1 Long Ranger Handbook
  • Bell 206L-1 Additional Graph Package
  • AFT CFPH Practice CyberExams with 8 Premium Marking Credits

In Operations, Performance and Planning you will learn how to determine the maximum take-off and landing weights your helicopter can achieve under various conditions, how fast and how high the machine will fly and how far you can go with the fuel available. Perhaps the most important safety aspects of flying a helicopter become apparent during this part of the course.

A major topic covered during this week is Weight and Balance. As you study this topic, you will learn how to correctly load a helicopter to ensure it can be safely controlled and maneuvered through all stages of a flight. You will use this knowledge to understand the limitations that apply to helicopter operations, and avoid dangerous situations in the future.

Important Things To Do Before you Commence your Study

Getting an Aviation Reference Number (ARN)

Before you attempt our course you should apply for a CASA Aviation Reference Number known as an ARN. This number will identify you right through your entire aviation career. You will require an ARN before you can sit any of the CASA PEXO Exams and having this number before you arrive for the course will prevent any delays in booking your CASA exams.

If you haven’t previously had an ARN issued, you will receive one as part of the process of undergoing your first Aviation Medical Examination.

Getting an Aviation Medical Examination

Before you get started on any of the training required to gain your CPL(H) we would strongly recommend you undergo a full Aviation Medical Examination. Investing in a medical before you start training is a very wise thing to do.

While an average student pilot should have no trouble passing a medical, there have been student pilots in the past who found they had previously undiscovered medical conditions or problems that needed to be fixed before they were allowed to fly. It is much better to find out if you have a problem before you start training, rather than after you have invested any time or money.

Why Attend Our Theory Course

One of the major advantages of attending our theory course is our constant revision and assessment process. Revision is a very important part of our whole course, especially when much of the course material is new to you. At Advanced Flight Theory, from the very first lesson you will be reviewing all topics covered through carefully written Revision Tests until you are ready to attempt the Practice CyberExams.

We believe our online Practice CyberExams are the very best available anywhere in Australia with instant marking and a KDR given so you can see where you may require further study. This ensures that by the end of the course, you will have had not only considerable tuition and revision of all subjects, but you will have also developed a very good exam technique. Exam technique can be just as important as knowledge of the topic in the limited time given to complete the CASA CPL(H) PEXO Exams.

Even more important to you is the personal attention you will receive from your dedicated ground theory instructor. We know that when it comes to keeping track of your progress, absolutely nothing beats direct consultation and personal discussion with your instructor.

Airservices Supply Shop

Advanced Flight Theory operates an Airservices Supply Shop and can provide the complete range of CASA documents, maps and charts. Flight computers, protractors, WAC rulers and a full range of basic stationery items are also available. Supplies can be purchased on arrival or through our secure Online Pilot Shop.

Practice CyberExams

All of Advanced Flight Theory’s professional theory courses contain our Practice CyberExams for each subject, including a personalised username and password with eight Marking Credits per subject.

While our Practice CyberExams do not contain actual CASA exam questions, they are designed to ensure you become familiar with the style and workload involved in the actual CASA PEXO Exams and help you become familiar with the layout and format of the exams. The sole purpose of our Practice CyberExam system is to help you determine if you are fully prepared to attempt the actual CASA PEXO Exams for each subject.

Our Practice CyberExams have proven to be very popular with our students. Since our system was first created, we have had over 5000 different aeroplane and helicopter pilots attempt our exams and approximately 20,000 Practice CyberExams are sat via our system every year.

Please click here for a demonstration of our system.

Things To Bring To Class

You will require a a selection of CASA documents, charts and your own navigation equipment.

The navigation equipment will also be used by you each time you fly and includes a Flight Computer (slide type is preferred for class, however the circular type is okay if that’s what you already have), WAC Scale Ruler, and Navigation Protractor.

You will require highlighter pens, pencils and sharpener, post-it-notes and a supply of A4 reinforced ring binder note paper.

For all subjects where an electronic calculator is required to answer CASA PEXO Exam questions, you are required to supply your own calculator on exam day. We have stocks of Aurora DT210 desktop calculators available in our supply shop and you can purchase one of these to use each day during your study.

You may have never heard of any of these documents or navigation equipment before, but there is no need for concern as everything you need is available on site when you arrive to commence your course with us. We will be able to show you the various items and fully explain their use to you then.

When And How To Apply For A Casa PEXO Exam

IMPORTANT NOTE: CASA and ASPEQ PEXO Exam fees are NOT included in our course fees for Full Time Ground School or Distance Learning Courses. If you are attending our Full Time Ground School Classes we have pre-booked CASA PEXO Exam sessions for our students at the end of each subject. If requested, we can book your exam in one of these sessions for you on your first day in class and charge the exams fees to your account. Our pre booked sessions mean you do not need to book your own CASA PEXO Exams for subjects you do in class with us. You must book your own CASA PEXO Exams for any Distance Learning subjects you study.

All CASA Flight Crew Examinations are booked through ASPEQ.

CASA PEXO Exams can only be sat in Australia.

Before booking any CASA PEXO Exams candidates need to be sure of their eligibility and timing before making a booking.

When booking exams candidates should be aware of the retraining periods required after exam failures and make allowances for this. ASPEQ recommend that you do not book for more than three exams at a time to ensure there are no transfer fees or that exam fees are not forfeited.

How To Enrol

The easiest way to enrol on one of our CPL(H) Theory Courses is by using our secure online enrolment service. When you are ready to enrol, simply Click Here

Our Guarantee To You

If after attending our full time course, you are not totally prepared to sit the CASA PEXO Exams, or you are having difficulty with any aspect of the course, you are welcome to return and resit all or any part of the course you have paid for once, with no additional course fee. If necessary, you may also resit all or any part of the course more than once (subject to some simple conditions).

We guarantee to stick with you until you achieve your goal.