AFPA Practice CyberExams


Direct Internet Access to 4 x ATPL (Aeroplane) Flight Planning (AFPA) Practice CyberExams.

Each individual Practice CyberExam is randomly generated, making every exam sat totally unique. Once an exam is submitted for marking, within a few seconds you will have a Knowledge Deficiency Report (KDR) with your results on your screen. Our KDR provides the same information as the CASA KDR. After the KDR is generated, you can review the entire exam and see the questions you were asked with the correct answers indicated. Your exam results and KDR’s can be accessed anytime by logging onto your CyberExam Account. 

(CyberExam Account access including your Usercode and Password will be emailed to you within 2 hours of order during normal working hours, or next working day (Monday to Friday) if ordered outside normal hours.)


Practice CyberExams are designed to give an indication of your level of preparation for the actual CASA PEXO Exam. Worked solutions, Random Question Generator (RGQ) access, course support and upgrade options are NOT provided with the Practice CyberExams, however are provided if you purchase our Distance Learning Courses.

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Advanced Flight Theory’s Full-Time and Distance Learning students enjoy unlimited access to a wide range of our very unique and specialised Random Question Generators (RQG’s).

  • AFPA Maximum Payload and MBRW questions with fully worked answers.
  • AFPA calculation of Climb Data questions with fully worked answers.
  • AFPA selection of Maximum FL ONE INOP questions with fully worked answers.
  • AFPA Mach Number to TAS conversion practice questions with fully worked answers.
  • AFPA heading and groundspeed practice questions with answers.

Each RQG creates a brand new, never seen before question covering an important calculation required to pass the subject’s CASA PEXO exam. After completing the calculation, you submit your answer and have the full workings presented so you can carefully check every part of your work.

View our RQG demo by clicking here:

There are million’s of different question data combinations, so you never do the same calculation twice. With unlimited practice on new questions, you will become fully prepared for any calculation on the topic that CASA presents to you!