IREX Theory

IREX Theory With Advanced Flight Theory

Passing the IREX examination is an important step in your aviation career. As specialist aviation theory instructors, we are well aware of the difficulty most pilots have studying for the IREX exam. Not only do many pilots require assistance to revise their Commercial Pilot theory, they also need to have the new concepts in IREX presented in an easy to understand format.

It is with confidence that we can say our courses are comprehensive in content, but as short in duration as possible. We are often asked how we achieve such good results in this short time frame. The answer is simple – we make you work hard! You must be totally committed to your study for the duration of the course.

It should be very encouraging for you to know that with the right approach and commitment, success at first attempt is definitely achievable. Our entire course has been written specifically for the Part 61 Manual of Standards Aeronautical Knowledge Standards (Syllabus). We have sat and passed the CASA exam at the first attempt, so you can be confident the methods we use do work.

At Advanced Flight Theory, we are proud of our great reputation for providing the best service possible to all of our students. We are constantly updating our course notes, revision tests and Practice CyberExams so we can guarantee you will receive the most practical and comprehensive theory instruction possible.

IREX theory study will never be easy, however we are confident that with the right attitude and commitment you will be able to achieve this important qualification.

Our Guarantee To You

A very important feature of our school’s policy is that if, after attending our full time course, you are not totally prepared to sit the CASA PEXO Exams, or you are having difficulty with any aspect of the course, you are welcome to return and resit all or any part of the course you have paid for once, with no additional course fee within a two year timeframe. If necessary, you may also resit all or any part of the course more than once, subject to some simple conditions.

We guarantee to stick with you until you achieve your goal of an IREX examination credit.

Airservices Supply Shop

Advanced Flight Theory operates an Airservices Supply Shop and can provide the complete range of CASA documents, maps and charts. Flight computers, protractors,  WAC rulers and a full range of basic stationery items are also available. Supplies can be purchased on arrival, or by phone or internet order and dispatched to you at any time.

Contact Brett Adamson for further details or to place an order.

Additional Items Required

Our course fees DO NOT include CASA Exam Fees, ASPEQ Delivery Fees, Accommodation or Supply Shop items.

Additional items required are:

IREX Theory Course Fees

Full-Time Ground School

$2000.00 (10 days in class) – 10% discount will be offered to any current ATPL students.

An initial deposit of $200.00 is required to enrol on our IREX course.  The balance must be paid in one instalment on the first day of your full-time course.